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Acupuncture Treatments

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At Koten Acupuncture Gold Coast, standard treatment involves taking a full client medical history followed by a recent intake of information concerning the main complaint that is presenting. One of the major strength’s that makes Acupuncture so affective and clinically reliable is its logical and pragmatic approach to diagnosis and treatment. This involves Classical Five Element diagnosis; paying particular attention to the presenting signs and symptoms and the information gathered through palpatory  diagnosis of the pulse, abdomen and meridian system.

The Meridians (energy pathways) and meridian points, act similarly to the nervous system in that they allow for communication and action potential to occur within the body. This communication is vital for all metabolic processes to occur and for the organism to remain balanced and in good health.

When the organism is imbalanced or diseased, this causes a communication brake down in the meridian network and this disturbance then presents itself as illness and or disease. Fine needles and Moxibustion (heat therapy) are used at sites of the body to correct imbalances and nourish deficiencies, there by strengthening the immune system, calming the nervous system and eliminating the symptoms.

Acupuncture is a trusted, drug and pain free medical discipline that has proven its clinical efficacy of millenniums, and concentrates on the cause of the problem. At Koten Acupuncture Gold Coast each session is different and tailored to the needs of each individual, including dietary and lifestyle advice, resulting in great clinical outcomes.

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