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Chinese nutritional therapy has developed over thousands of years, as the ancient Chinese coexisted with nature, very quickly they came to appreciate the connection between the sessions and its effects on agriculture, herbal medicine and what they ate. They noticed that certain foods and herbs naturally grew in the hotter months of summer and that these foods were cooling. Then in the cooler months of winter, other produce and herbal plant life flourished, and these crops tended to be of a warming nature.

From an East Asian perspective, this is a continuous and complementing phenomenon that nature provides to create a perfect balance, and the Chinese refer to this as the balance between Yin & Yang. In the scientific model of nutrition, there is a big emphasis on raw foods, calories, minerals and heavy supplementation, but almost never an appreciation for the energetic qualities of food. Although it is important to point out that things are not always so simple, and that many times conditions can be complicated, below is a general example we commonly see each day in the clinical setting;

A person may be experiencing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) type symptoms and present with; an aversion to cold, loose stools and colic style pain. For East Asian Medicine, these symptoms can indicate internal cold. When asked about their daily diet the subject explains they eat very well, fruit and juice for breakfast, salad for lunch etc. Although these foods are healthy, energetically they are cooling. The over consumption of cooling foods over time has created an imbalance and over time if not adjusted the organism will tend to rebel. These people will almost always experience an increase in the severity of their symptomlogy in the winter months or in cold environments like air-conditioning.

Knowing that by simply adjusting the subjects diet, to a balance of solid and warming foods and herbs, the internal organs will become warm, allowing for better metabolism and digestion, this helps treat the cause of the problem and eliminates the symptoms. Because Chinese dietary therapy is always nutritious whole food, adequate vitamin and mineral uptake is a given and the balance between hot and cold in the internal environment of the organism is now balanced. This has been achieved simply through appreciating that food and herbs have energetic qualities and emphasizes the old saying, “we are what we eat”.

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