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Direct Moxibsution Treatments

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Chenetsu kyu (Cone Moxibustion)Koten Acupuncture  Gold Coast Moxibustion Treatments

Chinetsu Kyu (Heat perception moxa or Cone moxibustion)

This method of Moxibustion is probably the most versatile of all, and is used to treat a variety of elements and imbalances. Depending on the acquired outcome either low or mid – grade raw mugwort is used, and rolled tightly or loosely in to a cone like shape. The moxa is then left to burn down towards the skin and then removed either before heat is felt, or precisely at the moment heat is felt. Cone moxa is great for relaxing tissue, acute musculoskeletal conditions, swelling and to stimulate the movement of Qi.

Tonetsu Kyu (Rice grain moxa)Tonetsu Kyu (Rice Grain Moxibustion)

This method is more of an advanced technique that takes skill to moderate just the right amount of heat. Rice grain moxibustion is generally used in Chronic or long-term treatments with people that may be sensitive or exhausted. Rice grain moxa can be used also for correcting Breech presentation in pregnancy, relaxing tight muscle and most Gynecological problems.

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