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Indirect Moxibsution Treatments

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Bo – Kyu (Stick moxa)

Bo - Kyu

This method of Moxibustion is common and is used on a particular acu / moxa point or an area of coolness and or deficiency. Stick moxa is easy and can be done quickly, has a mild and gentle heat and is commonly used in the treatment of breeched presentation in pregnancy. Also it is easily and safely taught to patients, so treatment can continue at home when necessary. This method is used either as a pure, low-grade moxa punk, or a highly fabricated smokeless product, for those that may be sensitive to the strong odor that pure moxa produces.

Kyutoshin (needle – head moxa)

Kyutoshin (Needle - Head Moxibustion)

This type of moxibustion is powerful and readily used in the clinical setting, producing a continuous but gentle warmth that increases mobility of stiff joints e.g. knee and shoulder. This method also softens hard muscular area’s that impair the movement of Blood and Qi throughout the organism and tonifies areas of deficiency; most people report that the sensation of needle head moxa is deeply relaxing.

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