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Posted: 13 Feb, 2012

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Opioid peptides otherwise know as Endorphins are short sequences of amino acids that bind to opioid receptors in the brain. We naturally produce these good endorphins from maintaining an active lifestyle and consuming quality whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish that contain good cholesterol, sugars and fats.

Opioid peptides (Endorphins) play an essential role within our bodies and have shown to help with food cravings and increase motivation, but most of all they allow us to cope with pain and to manage stress when life gets the better of us. The article below gives some insight in to how Acupuncture stimulates the bodies’ own defenses and allows for the body to combat pain and disease of an acute and chronic nature, naturally.

Effects of acupuncture on immune response related to opioid-like peptides.

Petti F, Bangrazi A, Liguori A, Reale G, Ippoliti F.

Experimental research has recently shown that acupuncture induces the formation of opioid-like peptides (OLPs) in animals. In order to provide further evidence, we tested the beta-endorphin levels and other parameters (VIP, lymphocyte subsets, NK cells and monocyte phagocytosis) in a group of 90 patients suffering from various painful disorders treated with acupuncture.

Zusanli (St 36) and Hegu (LI 4) acupoints were selected. A homogeneous group of 30 subjects was used as control. Evaluation of the above parameters was made with 3 series of blood tests before treatment, 30 minutes and 24 hours after acupuncture treatment. In the acupuncture group, the following results were achieved:

1) A considerable increase in beta-endorphin levels remained high even 24 hours after acupuncture treatment. In addition, we demonstrated an inverted correlation between beta-endorphins and VIP; 2) 30 minutes after acupuncture session, 80% of the treated patients showed a significant increase of CD3 and CD4 values and an increase of CD8 24 hours after stimulation; 3) Monocyte phagocytosis was increased in 45% of the treated subjects 30 minutes from starting treatment, and in 100% of them after 24 hours.

The percentage of NK cells (Natural killer – immune cells) was also increased in 40% of cases after 30 minutes, and in 50% after 24 hours. However, in the control group, no such significant changes in immune parameters were found


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